L.A. Fuess Partners Portfolio

Mission Critical

L.A. Fuess Partners has a vast range of experience and expertise in the Mission Critical sector that began with our first project in 1997, a data center for a client in the financial and credit industry that had need for a structure that could withstand a direct hit from a F5 tornado given its location within “Tornado Alley.” Since that time, we have designed data center facilities across the USA, for a multitude of conditions and client types—including multiple Fortune 500 companies and co-location/wholesale providers and developers.

Odds are, if you have a computer, a smart phone, health insurance, a credit card, or shop at big box retailers, you have used data that was routed through one of our mission critical projects.

Total Number of Data Center Projects: Over 100 projects
Total Square Footage: Over 12 Million square feet
Design Wind Speed: from Building Code minimum to 300 miles per hour
Degree of Hardening: None to F5/EF5 Tornado resistant