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Structural Design Services

L.A. Fuess Partners assists Architects and Owners in the structural design of buildings for new structures and renovations by offering the following services:

  • Design ideas for architecturally exposed structures
  • Innovative structural solutions that help achieve architectural design objectives
  • Ideas that reduce cost and construction duration while enhancing functionality and serviceability
  • Alternative structural system studies for function and economy
  • Assistance in coordinating and accommodating non-structural building components
  • Design and documentation of structural systems for contracting and construction
  • Construction administration

Planning / Feasibility Studies

  • Development of structural concepts
  • Budget pricing documents
  • Value engineering of structural systems

Peer Review / Plan Check

  • Design and constructability review
  • Structural economy review

Building Evaluation / Investigation

  • Investigation of structural concerns
  • Structural competency evaluation for prospective buyers and sellers
  • Structural loading and capacity analysis

Building Information Modeling Services

Since 2006, L. A. Fuess Partners has utilized Autodesk Revit as our primary production platform. Building information modeling (BIM) is an integral part of our culture. Our superior modeling capabilities and a strong collaborative approach with our partners and clients have allowed us to be an industry leader in this field. We collaborate with other leading BIM pioneers to advance our firm’s modeling knowledge-base and technical skills. In doing so, we enhance the client experience through the design phase and streamline coordination during construction.

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Professional structural engineering services for the design of commercial and institutional buildlings – both new and renovated structures.

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