L.A. Fuess Partners VDC & BIM

Virtual Design and Construction Services


L.A. Fuess Partners has been providing VDC services, including modeling, coordination, and detailing, for general contractors and subcontractors since 2010.

Our building design expertise, modeling capabilities, and service-oriented approach all combine to add value to VDC projects. With our unique blend of design backgrounds and technical expertise, our dedicated VDC team offers several key advantages:

Seasoned Industry Professionals

Our staff of VDC professionals has decades of experience in the design and documentation of building structures.

Building Design Knowledge

We leverage our backgrounds in engineering and building design and apply it to our modeling processes. Our goal is to not simply put a model together, but to partner with our clients to put a building together.

Expert-Level Modeling Abilities

Our team features industry leaders and experts in modeling and utilization of models to maximize value to a project.


Our team conducts all modeling in-house with no work shipped overseas. This allows us to respond on-the-fly to project changes as they arise and to work efficiently and collaboratively with our clients.

Construction Modeling and Detailing Services:

Our team of skilled modelers and project coordinators provide the following services:

Cast-in-Place Concrete Modeling
Structural and Non-Structural Masonry Modeling
Acoustics and Drywall Framing Modeling
Site Civil Modeling