About L.A. Fuess Partners


L.A. Fuess Partners is a Structural Engineering firm specializing in the design of commercial, residential, institutional, and industrial buildings. Lawrence A. Fuess founded the firm in 1979 with a vision based on trust, professionalism, and excellence of service. Guided by that vision throughout its history, L.A. Fuess Partners pursues innovative design solutions that contribute to the overall success of each project and benefit all project team members.

Engineering leadership at L.A. Fuess Partners begins with its team of principals, each with 15 to 35 or more years of multifaceted experience, enriched within a collaborative environment and empowered by the latest advances in engineering technology. Working within a culture committed to “doing what’s best for the project,” our engineers embrace engineering challenges that emerge during design and construction and seek to turn those challenges to each project’s advantage.

L.A. Fuess Partners designs new buildings and renovations throughout the United States, maintaining professional engineering registration in most of the 50 States. Services are provided from two offices: Dallas, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts. While many of our clients are headquartered near those two metropolitan areas, we serve clients who are based in cities scattered across North America as well as overseas.

Innovative Approach

L.A. Fuess Partners is an industry leader in technological advancement in the structural engineering industry. Our offices embrace project design and documentation systems that leverage building information modelling (BIM) to push projects towards positive outcomes. This approach allows for rapid project delivery with more accurate construction documents. Our commitment to quality engineering project development utilizes world-class software platforms which help foster cooperation and coordination among the design team. The results speak for themselves – from small renovation projects to large scale, award-winning designs.

Philosophy of Value

Whether a project is a complex of aircraft hangars, a high-rise office tower, or a community arts center, we believe that a building owner should not have to expend any more of a project’s budget on the structure than is absolutely necessary. We collaborate with each project team to provide the right structural design for the particular project, site, and circumstances. The right system, with the right materials, at the right budget, and on the right schedule enables you and your project to achieve overall results of the highest quality.

Exceptional Service

L.A. Fuess Partners has served hundreds of clients throughout its history. We are fortunate to count among them numerous architectural firms, Fortune 500 corporations, government entities, commercial and institutional development companies, public and private school systems, higher education institutions, and private property owners. Our relationships with many of these clients dates back to the earliest years of our firm. We understand that our ability to serve clients effectively rests on our understanding of the client’s needs and concerns. We strive to understand each client’s perspective and priorities and to tailor our internal approach and processes to produce the most positive outcome.

Quality of work and caliber of service define our place in the market. We are proud of the tradition of trust we have built. We will continue to meet the challenges of the future using the same foundation of enthusiasm, creativity, and professionalism that we brought to our first project in 1979.

Our People

L.A. Fuess Partners is proud to say that we are home to some of the most talented structural engineers around.

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Lawrence A. Fuess, P.E.

Founder of L.A. Fuess Partners, Inc.

Larry Fuess dedicated his life to Structural Engineering, and to building a firm with a vision based on trust, professionalism, and excellence of service.

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Careers at L.A. Fuess Partners

Learn more about our workplace, the benefits we offer, and our diverse culture.

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