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DFW Airport Terminal A/B Pedestrian Skybridge Interior

DFW Airport Terminal A/B Pedestrian Skybridge

Architect: Corgan

Location: DFW Airport, Texas

The DFW Skybridge connects three major areas of DFW International Airport — Terminals A and B and the DFW Airport Business Center — crossing the airport spine road, International Parkway. The structure is 1,100 feet in length, with the longest span about 300 feet in length, and 30 feet wide inside. Moving sidewalks carry passengers in both directions between the terminals.

A simple, efficient pattern of wideflange steel diagonals and chords, punctuated by crisp, clean architecturally exposed structural connections give the bridge its identity and distinctive finished appearance.

Sections of the steel box truss were assembled on the ground and erected at night to avoid interruption of traffic on the airport roadway. Splices were made in the air after main sections of the truss were erected. Floors are normal weight concrete cast on composite metal deck supported on composite steel beams that span the width of the bridge. The roof structure consists of metal roof decking and open web steel joists.

The exo-skeletal structure gives the bridge a strong structural expression while providing for clean, un-broken architectural finish lines inside. The separation of exterior walls and structure was crucial to the overall economy of the project.